Crisis Simulations International Senior Leader Crisis Education


Crisis Simulations International (CSI) creates simulations of crisis situations, customized for corporations, cities, counties/regions, states, agencies, foundations, or other organizations, including the US military. The simulations include natural and man-made disasters, building and mass evacuations, business continuity exercises, weather emergencies, public health epidemics, law enforcement situations [i.e. active shooter scenarios], product recalls and war gaming.

CSI creates and conducts simulations for 2-20 participants with durations of 20 minutes to a full day inclusive of both the simulation and post analysis. CSI works with each client at the beginning of the engagement to identity goals and objectives, and then helps clients customize the simulation for the number of roles and duration of the simulation to meet those needs.

Each participant takes a role in the simulation, such as mayor, public health official, emergency room director, retail store manager, public transportation or state highway directors, school superintendent, the fire chief or chief of police.

Realistic information feeds, such as TV or radio broadcasts, email and voice mails, faxes or handwritten notes, serve to update participants with the scenario's changing status. Misinformation, infrastructure failures, communication breakdowns and equipment malfunctions can also be factored in, as happens in real crisis situations.

Working with CSI's team of crisis management experts, clients can either build simulations tailored to their unique circumstances or work with CSI to repurpose or revise existing simulations. The company also provides post-scenario analysis.