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Advanced Competitive Strategies, Inc. has helped executives around the world to compete more effectively, especially to deal with technological, competitive, and regulatory change.

C&H Patriot Security
is an expert in keeping transportation supply chains secure. This is due to their broad access to critical security information which has helped ports around the world establish operational, financial and strategic solutions to keep them running in times of crisis.

is a leader in the information technology industry specializing in geospatial solutions. Led by President Robert M. Scaer, GeoDecisions' experienced staff of more than 160 professional consultants, analysts, and developers has a complete understanding of integrating this spatial information with cutting-edge technology for the business markets we serve. Fundamental to our approach is the integration of spatial information to empower existing systems and processes.

Intangible Asset Finance Society
Intangible assets include business processes, patents, trademarks; reputations for ethics and integrity; quality, safety, sustainability, security, and resilience. The Intangible Asset Finance Society provides a forum for finance, innovation, legal and management professionals to discover better ways to create, capture and preserve the value of these assets

The Pennant Group
works with organizations that possess a commitment to their homeland security responsibilities and a desire to offer genuine solutions to the threats and challenges of the 21st century. Active primarily in the homeland security market, we support companies, associations, NGOs and non-profits.

Steel City Re
is a risk management and assurance company providing corporate reputation protection. We have proprietary tools to measure value at risk, monitor compliance, and enforce risk-reducing practices. We use proven tools to create innovative solutions that can increase, protect and recover reputational values, the perceptions stakeholders have of a company's non-balance sheet (intangible) assets. With these assets currently accounting for more than 50% of the average corporate value, few other management approaches can deliver such benefits.